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August 1 – September 4, 2022

Gear up for Our Little Roses Third Annual Get Moving Virtual Event!


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Get Moving began in 2020 as a fun way to raise funds for Our Little Roses amid the Covid-19 Pandemic.  We were all stuck in lockdown/quarantine and we wanted to motivate our supporters and extended OLR Family members across the globe to get up, get out, and Get Moving! We asked folks to grab their bike and go for a ride, or their sneakers and go for a walk or run or take a dive in the pool and swim some laps – all to help Our Little Roses navigate the pandemic and two hurricanes!

It was fun and a success.  2021 was even better, we raised over $46,000, had 33 participants, and we welcomed 68 new members to the Our Little Roses Family.  All by raising awareness of the great work Our Little Roses does while we all got a little exercise.  So it’s time for Let’s Get Moving 2022!

Check back frequently to update your progress on your challenge, take a look at other participants, and track your fundraising progress with our fundraising leaderboard! Plus, when you register, you’ll receive a t-shirt along with certificates that you and your supporters can show off!

Make it a family event by registering each member of your family for their own chosen challenge – update and track each other’s challenges while also having a little friendly family competition along the way! This event is a great way to connect with family members across the globe while the world begins to open back up.

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How it Works

To join the fun (and fundraising) just follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down this page for more information on “How do I Get Moving”, “Where do I get Moving,” as well as our FAQ section, and decide on the event you want to do (walk, cycle, run, or swim)
  2. Once you’ve decided on your event, click the “Register Here” Button and complete the registration information – click “Proceed” and complete the payment process for your event.
  3. Check your email as you’ll receive 2 or 3 emails:
    • Confirmation instructions (Only if this is your first donation to OLR)
    • Confirmation and Tax Receipt (your ticket is tax-deductible)
    • Your ticket for Get Moving 2022:  This is the most important one!
  1. In the email with your ticket, you’ll find the link to create your Personal Fundraising Page – just click to get started.  This is where you can tell your friends and family why you’ve decided to “Get Moving” and invite them to sponsor you. Check out our Resource Toolbox with some email templates, social media posts, and flyers to reach out to family, friends, and colleagues for sponsorship!

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to hit the “Submit for Review” Button at the bottom of the page so that your changes are saved.  You can always go back in and edit things later if you’d like.

  1. Check your email, you’ll see an email with the subject: Important information regarding your new fundraising page.  You’ll be able to continue to edit your page through a link in this email; however, our office will need to approve your page before you can start sharing it.  We try to do this quickly, but it can take up to 24 hours. So please check your email for that confirmation.
  2. Once approved, share your personal page through your social media sites or via email to invite family and friends to support you. Check out our toolbox for some ideas on how to spread the news.
  3. On Aug. 1st, visit the website so you can begin to log your progress and have some fun watching your pin progress on the map. Beginning August 1st, we will publish Mileage Entry Tickets on the website.  So sign in any time you want to log a distance you’ve traveled and fill out a ticket.  (You do not have to log your distance the same day you complete it.)

Your distance traveled will update on the map that corresponds to the event you’ve chosen within 48 hours so you can track your progress.

REMEMBER: Let’s Get Moving runs the entire month of August and ends September 4th.  While we show “Challenge” distances, there is no minimum distance.  So pick a total distance that works for you and have some fun!

How Do I Get Moving?

There are several ways to join Our Little Roses in this virtual event! You can sign up to Walk, Run, Cycle, or Swim (or choose to complete a Triathlon!) your way to one of the iconic locations many of our supporters visit throughout a mission trip to OLR! Register for your Walk, Run, Cycle, or Swim by clicking HERE.

Where do I Get Moving?

Our Little Roses began welcoming visitors again in May 2022 so there may be a team doing their challenge in San Pedro Sula – we’ll have to see.   Most Let’s Get Moving participants worldwide will join us in this virtual Fun Run by getting moving in their local neighborhood!

If you decide to take on a challenge Walk or Run, you’ll be joining OLR virtually by making your way up Coca Cola Mountain – one of the most iconic hiking trails in the San Pedro Sula area and one many of our supporters have visited in years past with the girls! This challenge distance is approximately 10 miles, and you can update and track your progress on a map from OLR up to Coca Cola Mountain!

If you’ll be Cycling your way through this virtual event, you’ll take on a total of 158 miles from Our Little Roses Home in San Pedro Sula to Honduras’ capital, Tegucigalpa! You can update and track your progress on a map from OLR to the capital and “see” other cyclers along the way.

Are you a Swimmer? If so, complete your challenge by taking virtual laps in Our Little Roses’ Founder, Dr. Diana Frade’s, pool! Diana’s pool is approximately 15 feet across x 30 feet in length, so we’re counting each lap as 30 feet. You’ll be able to update and track your progress on a map of Diana’s pool!

If you’re one of our incredible Triathletes, you’ll be able to update and track your progress on each of the individual maps along the way!


The Let’s Get Moving Challenge is a fun way to raise funds for the Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society (OLR). OLR is a non-governmental organization that rescues young girls in Honduras from situations of extreme risk. In order to provide them a safe space to be young girls, OLR has created the first and only all girls’ home in San Pedro Sula where little girls and young women can escape abject poverty. Honduras has virtually no social infrastructure to support abandoned children, and girls are at special risk of abuse and neglect. OLR empowers these young girls through education and love in an atmosphere of unity, respect, and security to transform them into successful women.

The system we use is designed for ticket-based events. It does not allow us to change the word “ticket”. Hence, when you register as a participant and pay the $35 registration fee ($40 for Triathlon), you’re buying your “ticket” to join the Challenge.

The minimum distance challenges athletes to a reasonable yet achievable target.  However, it is a target.  You can set your challenge to any distance.  There is no maximum distance.

If you like to Cycle, Run, and Swim, then the Triathlon is for you!  It lets you log your miles and laps for all three activities.  Again, there is no maximum or minimum distance.

No.  You do not have to send proof of meeting your Challenge Distance.  However, we ask you to objectively measure the distance you achieve so that you can update your progress on your chosen events’ map! You can use your iPhone/Garmin watch, a pedometer, a treadmill meter, or a cycling odometer – whatever is easiest for you!

Definitely! Most have the ability to measure your distance as well!

Absolutely! Make checks payable to “Our Little Roses FMS”.
For donations, please write “Get Moving Donation for ______” and put the athlete’s name you are supporting in the “memo” section so we can give them credit. Alternatively, if you are paying for your registration via check, please write “Get Moving Challenge – ______” and put the challenge you have registered for (Walk, Run, Cycle, Swim).

Please Mail checks to:
PO BOX 530947
Miami Shores, FL 33153-0947

We want to celebrate your achievement! And the girls/young ladies at the Mission in San Pedro Sula love seeing pictures of the wonderful people who care so much about them. Send pictures of you walking, running, or cycling for OLR to GetMoving@OurLittleRoses.org

$20 of the Registration fee is tax-deductible. The remainder covers the cost of the T-Shirt, Commemorative Medal, and postage.

Yes. Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society is a registered 501 (C) 3 charitable organization.

Please email GetMoving@OurLittleRoses.org and we will try to respond to all queries within 36 hours.



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